By Nadiya
Jaclyn wrote:
Nadiya wrote:
Jaclyn wrote:
Nadiya wrote:Jaclyn can't read. Too long. Bye kids. Love most of you <3

honestly Nadiya fuck you. You sound like a petty little bitch that is bitter as fuck. If the roles were reversed, I wouldn't take your backstab to heart. But you're acting like someone peed in your cereal, shat on it, and put rat poison in it. Grow up, it's a game.

I'm not bitter you just don't deserve to win. Everyone feels the same pretty much. Not my fault you can't read. icon_lol

yea you are bitter. You're mad that I didnt take you to the finals and you're making snarky remarks at me for it.

Grow some balls!
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By Dale
Val wrote:I think most of you liked me. Some of you don't care, but I got targeted early on and nobody could get me out. I did my job to keep myself safe. I haven't played the pawn card, which is bullshit in a game of opportunism, and I have had an uphill battle even here at the end with these two children coming for me at the same time. I didn't ask for people to say I was gonna win easily, nor did I think I would, but people put that on me and I had to deal with it.

I dealt with everything and I never complained or made excuses once, which is not something the other two can say. Jaclyn and Dale were way too immature for a huge part of the game to deserve this win. That's it. No apologies. Learn Dale.

*shrugs* It's a game. Id much rather watch a Scot or Jason type player play Survivor, than a Michele or Aubry. I'd rather be the hated 3rd place than the "well at least she didn't piss me off" winner.
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By Jeff Probst
#7785 Thank you final three and thank you jury for your time and effort in this game. I hope we delivered for you.

So now I'm going to lock Final Tribal Council.

The jury will have until tomorrow at 7c/8e to cast their final votes or change their votes for the winner of Stranded in Indonesia.

I want to urge the jury to take some time alone away from the influences of everyone else, reread some of the answers tonight and make a solid gut vote that you have considered.

Tomorrow at 8c/9e, we will announce our winner followed by a reunion of sorts, the fan favorite reveal and the cast reveal. Lots of fun and I can't wait to talk to you all candidly tomorrow.

And remember, you will learn some shocking revelations about your game after it's all said and done. Remember that we appreciate all of you and telling you our opinions that have been bottled up for so long may also come out harshly. Do not take it personally, we would love to get to know each and every one of you after the game. We spent a long time casting and picking the best cast possible and I believe we found that.

So thanks again for a good season of Stranded and I will see you tomorrow
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